Our next USDAA trial is November 14-15, 2020

Thanks to all who came out to Hog Dog’s USDAA trial this past weekend. New titles abound! My heartfelt thanks to my fellow HogDoggers (Janet, Lois, Sally, Tom and Madeline) I couldn’t do this without you. Thanks also to our judge, Mike Murphy for great courses and a super fun time!

New titles

Amy Foster and Missy Agility Do and Starters Standard

Beth Bond and Shiloh Perf Masters Jumper Silver

Jean Wilkens and Wit P2 Jumper

Kristy Derkach and Manny P2 Snooker, P1 Standard, Performance Dog

Derek Hall and Odin Starter Snooker

Maureen Shea and Yogi Advanced Jumper, advanced Standard

Lois Mark and Fig Advanced Relay

Sharon J and Bella, Starters Jumpers

Cynthia Horner and Nimble Starters Gamblers

Cynthia Horner and Spice LAA Gold

Cynthia Horner and Truant Master Jumper and Gambler champion

Congrats to all!