Practice (Small) Pool Rental


Practice  (Small) Pool: 23 foot pool ( 4 feet deep) with platform dock 14 inches over the water’s surface. People are not allowed in the pools. Ramp into the pool can be challenging for older dogs.

Cost is $33 per 30 minutes.

You can select multiple 30 minute sessions.

Download and bring the waiver with you

Hog Dog Waiver  – click to open and download


  1. Download waiver
  2. select dates (click on it)
  3. select time by double clicking (do not use the start and end drop downs)
  4. check if times (the end time will be the same as the start time) and price is correct and then click “add to cart”
  5.  Go to cart when you are ready to checkout

 48 hour cancellation policy for a full refund and
50% refund if less than 48 hours