Final confirmation May 2021


Dear <<HANDLER>>,

This is your final final confirmation for the Hog Dog Productions trial. Please check your dog registration and class entry information at the beginning of this email. THERE WILL BE NO CHANGES AFTER THURSDAY!

The first part of this confirmation contains information about your entry. The next part contains all the information about the site, scheduling, etc.




PLEASE BE ATTENTIVE TO ANNOUNCEMENTS THROUGHOUT THE EVENT FOR LAST MINUTE CHANGES. There are 79 dogs entered in this event with 256 entries on Saturday, 195 entries on Sunday for a total of 451 entries.

COVID 19 MEASURES: The CDC and Maryland have now lifted face mask restrictions for VACCINATED persons. Hog Dog will not be requring masks be worn in the building for vaccinated people. This includes running your own dog, walk throughs, workers in the ring and observers, Non vaccinated persons should continue to wear their masks. You may also opt to wear your mask even if you are vaccinated. Please continue to practice adequate social distancing and good hand sanitation. We will have hand sanitizer available at the ring. A litter picker will be available for leashes. We will not allow crating in the building at this time. Additional trial modifications will be announced at the briefing(s).

WEATHER: Presently my favorite source for weather info is high of 89 degrees and cloudy for Saturday and 94 and partly sunny for Sunday. It’s going to be a HOT ONE! THE SMALL POOL WILL BE AVAILABLE ALL DAY FREE OF CHARGE FOR ALL DOGS (AND THEIR HANDLERS SHOULD YOU FEEL THE NEED TO ASSIST THEM IN COOLING OFF, that means bring extra clothes). The big pool is open for rentals to all people (including non trial attendees). if the big pool is not taken by a renter, it too may be used for swimming. Please be kind and vacate the pool if a renter shows up. NO DOCK DIVING please. It disturbs some of the dogs inside.

COURSE MAPS & RUNNING ORDERS: No individual paper course maps will be provided. There will be links to the courses available on the webpage at Links will go live at 7 AM each day.There of course will be an official posted set on site; please bring a device to photograph those courses for your convenience. We will not be providing running order catalogs at this trial.

SETUP: The club would greatly appreciate any local exhibitors who are able to help complete the final setup on Saturday morning. The building opens at 7 am.

SCHEDULE: An estimated schedule as well as other trial information (running orders, etc)will be available late Thursday night at the following web site. The web site is located at:

Times on this schedule are usually pretty accurate for the first few classes but then typically deviate 30 minutes (sometimes even by as much as an hour and 1/2 if the trial is proceeding efficiently) for the classes later in the day, so plan your arrival times accordingly if you don’t plan to be there all day. All scheduling except for check-in time is tentative. Championship classes will run first Saturday. Performance will be first on Sunday. Walkthroughs will not be split either day. At this time we do not plan on imposing time limits.
CHECK-IN: Day of trial check-in is as follows:

Saturday and Sunday: 7:00am – 7:30am

If you plan to arrive later in the day, check the estimated schedule at the link above and remember that it’s not unusual for us to run ahead of schedule.

If you need to be measured, you do not need to arrive at the beginning of the day: we will have multiple times throughout the day that measuring will take place.

FOOD: There is no lunch service for this trial. Water and snacks will be available for workers.

DOGS RUNNING TOO CLOSE TOGETHER: We are aware that there are a few handlers that, because of small class sizes, show up in the running order either back to back or too close together. Not to worry, we will accommodate you either by waiting or running other heights and resetting for your height as you arrive back with your next dog.

LIVE TO RUN AGAIN: Some selections from the audio lending library ( will be available at this trial. Look for the library either to take or return a CD, or feel free to bring a contribution for the library! THE LIBRARY HAS A NEW PERMANENT HOME IN THE HALLWAY ADJACENT TO THE REST ROOMS!

FAULT LIMITS: The club does not anticipate imposing fault limits at this time but reserves the right to do so if we start to slip behind schedule.

MULLIGANS: There will be mulligans offered at this trial. Gamblers, Standard, Jumpers (no Snooker) on Saturday. Jumpers, Standard, and Grand Prix for Sunday (no Pairs or Snooker) . Mulligans will be $5 a class. Details will be available at briefing.

VENDOR: Lee’s Custom Tugs will be available at this trial. Very cool stuff!

VOLUNTEERS: This trial can not run without all of you!! There is a signup board on site.

PARKING: Please pay close attention to posted parking and directional signs at the trial site. If you need a handicapped space pre-reserved; you must have contacted the trial secretary to have a handicapped space.

Be aware that there is no parking allowed immediately next to the white agility building rings but we will have a “Loading/Unloading” zone available.

The drive in is now paved. Please limit your speed to 15 mph. Only you can prevent speed bumps. The drive is also now two way, please respect oncoming traffic. Please observe the stop sign at the end of the drive as you exit onto Ski Lane. You do not have the right of way.

RV’ERS AND OVERNIGHT CAMPERS: Please do not park immediately adjacent to the building or exit roads. Note RVs should exit the property on the same road they entered.

The nearest veterinary hospital is: Anne Arundel Veterinary Emergency Center, 808 Bestgate Road, Annapolis, MD 21401-3016, (410) 224-0331

The nearest human emergency center is: Baltimore Washington Medical, 301 Hospital Drive, Glen Burnie, MD (410) 787-4000


Directions: From the North: Take I-97 South off the Baltimore Beltway. Exit New Cut Road. Turn right at the end of the ramp. Follow approximately 1.5 mile to fork in road. Bear left onto Gambrills Rd. Go approx 2 miles to flashing red traffic light and turn left onto Dicus Mill Rd. Turn right at the second street, Ski Lane. After 3 houses, the main road turns left and the driveway to 470 continues straight ahead. Follow the signs to the far back of the property.

From the South: Take either 97 north or Rte 3 north to Rte 32 west. Exit Burns Crossing Road. At the end of a long ramp; turn right at the traffic light onto Burns Crossing. Take the first immediate street on the right, Dicus Mill. Go approx two miles to stop sign and flashing yellow light, continue straight and follow the directions above to Ski Lane.

From the West: Take Rte 32 east to Burns Crossing Road. Turn right at end of ramp. Right at first traffic light, then left at next light onto Burns Crossing. Turn right onto first immediate street, Dicus Mill and follow directions above.

From Severna Park: Take Benfield Blvd west to four way stop sign; turn left onto Najoles Rd. After 1 mile Najoles turns abruptly right and changes names to Dicus Mill Rd. Continue approx 1.5 miles further to a left onto Ski Lane. Follow directions to site above.

If using a web search engine or GPS unit to determine directions, use the address 470 Ski Lane, Millersville, Md.

We ask that at any given time, the next three exhibitors to run be present at ringside. If you are next to run, be prepared to walk immediately into the ring on the Gate Steward’s instructions. We will not hold up judging for dogs and handlers that are not ready with the exception of handlers with a ring conflict that have notified the Gate Steward. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

MISCELLANEOUS: If you are a non-club member who has graciously volunteered to help, please check the posted work schedule when you arrive and fill in any jobs you would like to do. And thank you!

Best wishes for clean runs to anyone who has read all the way to this point. And thanks to Janet Gauntt for the plagiarised material provided. See you Saturday !