I am Lee Carr. I started Hog Dog Productions in 2002 for the purpose of promoting and providing venues for agility in particular and dog sports in general. Hog Dog Productions is a company for and about dogs. Hog Dog is located in central Maryland, just south of BWI airport. I have been been active in dog agility since 1994. Hog Dog controls 33 acres of land, some of which has been groomed and tailored for specific use as agility trial space. (See our facilities page for details and other uses.) My first dog in agility was Jax, an Alaskan Malamute, not your typical competitor. Luke, a Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog followed. Luke and I earned my first Championship title, a NATCH, together. My Bordehoula (half Border Collie and half Catahoula) Flip led me into USDAA . Sadly, Flip perished in my house fire January 16, 2009. Also living with me areĀ “little” Dave, the Chihuahua, Angus, a Border Collie, Nigel, a Manchester Terrier, Fly, my younger Border Collie and the newest addition Aristi, a Borzoi!!


Why Hog Dog? Hog dog is a nickname for the Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog. The Catahoula is the state dog of Louisiana and one of the first purebred dogs bred in the United States. The Cajuns originally used the dogs for rounding up their livestock after letting them forage in the bayous. Sadly, I am without a Catahoula currently, but that may still change! Hog Dog Productions has been a USDAA club since 2007. See the USDAA page for more details.


Agility Lessons are held at Hog Dog with Debi Hutchinson, Chelsea Singer, Tracy Hirsch and Cynthia Horner. For more info see the Agility and Classes page. All of our instructors schedule their own lessons and classes. Please contact them directly for their schedules. All contact information is on the classes page.

Sheep herding lessons have arrived. Susan Rhoades of Keepstone Farms in Berryville, Va will be here one Monday and one Thursday a month. Contact Karen Chandler for scheduling info, karen.chandler3@verizon.net

Hog Dog has two pools; a 29 foot pool for swimming and a 41 foot dock diving pool. Lessons are available for swimming and dock diving. The pools are closed in the winter. K9 Nose Work and CCC classes are taught by certified K9 Nose Work Instructor Cindy Knowlton.

You may contact me at fluple@hotmail.com.